How to Register MyGiftCardSite Account?


In order to access the features and services of the MyGiftCardSite you need to register online. You can track the balance and statements of the owner’s account at any time and, if necessary, view the transaction history. A good way to track all your cards and gift credits is to save them on this site.

Once registered, you can log in and view credits and bank statements. Registration takes a minute and saves time.

How to Register MyGiftCardSite?

The advantage of joining is that you can also shop online, by email or by phone.

Here’s how it’s stored:

  1. Go to:
  2.  Provide card number and enter security code.
  3. You can also call customer service at number 1-866-952-5653.

Why Register the Card?

In some cases, you might want to change the name and address of the gift voucher. In particular, if you return the gift card you received from another person, it is essential and you must register online for those changes.

Why do you have to change that? Because when you purchase online, the details are taken into account to check and validate the purchase process. You must ensure that gift cards cannot be processed and also know about its validity.

In addition, card registration is useful for people who want to lose it. Even if they fly, just log in to my account on the page of my gift card to see the balance and details of the transaction. From there, you can lock the card or cancel recent orders and take steps to invalidate and restore the card. However, this depends on their rules and regulations. You may have to pay some extra charges in order to replace.



How often do you receive a prepaid gift certificate and have registration issues? Well, many people have the problem that they can’t keep their cards and use them as well as they understand. As a result, the card is unusable and the discounts and rewards are lost. However, if you subscribe to MyGiftCardSite, we make sure you have no problem, as we help you register your gift vouchers.