About Us


MyGiftCardSite is an excellent online service for the Prepaid Gift Cards Holders. It is possible for users of this card to manage them easily through websites. Also, it is possible to use it for transactions just by registering it.

These cards are one of the finest ways to gift someone. Using prepaid gift cards is as simple as cakewalk in today’s world. Best of all, when you register your card online, you can check your card’s balance either by going online or by calling the convenient 24-hour customer service number.

About MyGiftCardSite:

It provides an Outstanding Customer Support which is extremely keen to help you with anything you need. Apart from that, the website also provides extensive FAQs that answer any questions you might have. Also, they’ve Dedicated Phone Numbers where you can call them to solve your problems.

Some options to buy gift cards are online stores and through banks. If you’re looking for a Personalized Gift Card then you need to order it online. But it will take some time to get. If you want your Gift Cards immediately then you need to buy at the stores. If you want some discount in terms of activation fee you need to apply at Giftcards.com.


The website would be helpful in different cases. If you haven’t used your cards for a good time then you can check the remaining balance quite easily through websites.

In case of any issues regarding login or balance, you can easily Call the MyGiftCardSite Customer Service Phone Number at toll-free number 1-866-952-5653. They are always willing to help you.